The Inspiration for me (Amy) to create Mint Nifty is a combination of things, mainly my two Children and my Love for all things Creative.

Always up to something, I decided to share Mint Nifty with the Land offering a Selection of Handmade Gifts, as well as the occasional Scrummy recipe the kiddies and me have attempted or maybe a Free Fun Craft Idea for the School Holidays.

With a Passion for Up cycling , Charity Shop Shopping is a Fave past time. You just never know what Wonders await, and the Potential they hold. There is something quite Magical in Creating a Unique item that you just know, no one else in all the Land Possesses.

As well as recycling, I Love Love the New – from Fantastically Designed Fabric to Newly Sealed Modeling Clay. Fresh & Crisp materials make for a Delightful end product, which like all my pieces, will hopefully Grace both your Homes & Hearts for years to come x

The name Mint Nifty comes from well, My Head. After weeks of jotting down words and playing around on Photoshop- the words Mint & Nifty stuck. I wanted a name which didn’t tie me down to any particular craft, giving me the freedom to Paint, Draw, Design, Sculpt, Sew, anything really – you name it, I’ll have a Dabble! Mint Nifty for me represents, Clever Design and Quality well crafted items, Handmade with Care and an Attention to Detail.

Anyhoo, I think I have Twittered on for long enough now and would like to Thank you for Stopping By and I hope you Enjoy my Mint Nifty Creations x Amy x



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Mint Nifty Sewing Camp is a workshop dedicated to teaching sewing skills to children aged between 7 - 11

. . . more info coming soon


If you are interested and would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch